About Us

Playhouse’s Mission is to reach the highest levels of modern cinematic achievement.

Playhouse was founded in 2016 by a young artist named Luke Lace,  spellbound by a dream of being one of the best film directors of all time, despite being an ethnic minority from the low-SES community of Southeast San Diego, CA.

Against all odds, he wanted to prove that the future of cinema and the image of a director can change in his hands.

Launched in 2019, Luke premiered his first 40-minute skateboard film titled, 


unveiling the raw talent in San Diego’s diverse scene, which advanced to being published by the world-famous Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.

The film represented skaters from a significant range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, which still stands as a pillar in Playhouse’s identity. From there, Luke used the donations from that night to fuel his SDSU thesis film entitled “Babygirl,” which he earned the recognition of

the “Best Director” of his 2019 class.

 Today, Luke Lace attends the legendary UCLA Film School pursuing an MFA in Directing, as a recipient of one of the school’s most prestigious Fellowships.

 Playhouse Motion Pictures are committed to uplifting the youth and innovating the art through our BIPOC cinematic tastes. Again, reinforcing the idea that award-winning and deeply-resonating film can indeed be made by non-white image makers. It has been done before, and we intend to perpetuate the future of that energy, giving thanks to the greats who have paved the road ahead of us.

With all considered, these values shine through every concept Playhouse will release. 

Our merchandise is calculated to have the smallest carbon footprint we can afford and we are committed to doing our best to leave this planet a better place.

 We believe that we as BIPOCs have the right to be handed big budgets like our white counterparts. We believe a strong company reflects the people it fights for. If you not only believe in but also fight for equality, you are gladly welcome in our house. 

Word is bond.

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